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Al Watany Eye Hospital, the name patients and doctors in Egypt and the Arab World have trusted for their eye care since 2001. We have been dedicated to providing the latest technology, most advanced surgical techniques and best doctors in the region.

This hospital is a 8 floor hospital with 15 clinics, 10 operating rooms, 2 LASIK operating rooms and 2 Laser rooms with all modern equipment.

Surgical Equipment

Surgical Equipment
  • 2 Femto-Cataract Devices (Catalys and LensSx)

  • Phaco machines (Centurion, Infinity and Signature)

  • Vitrectomy machines (Constellation)

  • Surgical Microscopes (Zeiss Lumera 700 and Lumera 500)

  • 2 Refractive Suites each containing Wavelight FS200 femto-LASIK, EX500 and Moria M2 and SBK Microkratomes.

  • Cross-Linking devices (Avedro, and SOOT)

  • Four Sterilization Modalities: Central, Flash autoclaves, Plasma sterilization and UV sterilization

Clinics Equipment

Clinics Equipment
  • Slit Lamps (Zeiss, Haag-Streit and Topcon)

  • Haag-Streit Examination Units with wheel chair-patients facilities

  • Professional LCD visual acuity and visual functions screens

  • Professional Electronic Phoropters

  • Topography screening for every new patient

  • Different modalities for IOP measurement; soft-jet air puff, Tonopen Avia, Digital and manual slit-lamp mounted Goldmann tonometer and Schioetz tonometer.

  • Portable Slit-Lamp and Autorefactometer

Investigation Machines

Investigation Machines
  • OCT Machines: Heidelberg

  • Pentacam Machines: OculusĀ 

  • Biometry: Zeiss IOL Master

  • Visual Field: Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

Laser Machines

Laser Machines
  • 3 Zeiss Laser devices (YAG, Argon and rapid firing)

  • Argon laser (ZEISS VISULAS Trion)

  • Pattern Argon laser (TOPCON PASCAL)


Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records

WEH is having a fully electronic modern hospital management system connected to a backbone database, aggregating comprehensive device connection to that central hub through ComRec-Solutions.

  • ComRec-Solutions is a full paperless hospital management system, composed of a complete tabular Electronic Medical Records (aka EMR) and financial / HR system all in one coherent database.
  • ComRec is developing solutions for the Medical field, specifically, Ophthalmology. We provide a wide range of solutions to fit large scale multi-site hospitals and ranging to small-scale clinics.
  • ComRec is providing EMR with Full integration with a wide range of medical equipment for automating retrieval of information from these devices Phoropters, Autorefs, Automatic Lensmeters, OCT, FA, Filed, IOLMaster, ERG, ... and much more allowing acquisition of digital data, imaging and reports.
  • ComRec also provides support for patient financial transactions, doctors financials, invoices, accounting journals, payments, insurance, Inventory and consumables.
  • ComRec also have HR and payroll applications.
  • Operations flow is also supported including preoperative prerequisites and postoperative detailed reporting.
  • ComRec is also having a strong Flow Control monitor allowing monitoring and traceability for the flow of patients across the whole organisation.
  • ComRec is allowing doctors to access and integrate patient medical information from / to their private clinics also.

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