Prof.Dr.Riad Fikry

Prof.Dr.Riad Fikry

Prof.Dr.Riad Fikry

Riad Fikry, M.D.

  • Consultant Ophthalmologist, Al Matariya Teaching Hospital

  • Master of Science in Ophthalmology - Cairo University (MSc.)

  • Medical Doctorate in Ophthalmology - Cairo University (PhD.)

The late Dr Riad Fikry is the co-founder and former CEO of Al Watany Eye Hospital.

He completed his residency in the prestigious Rod El Farag eye hospital and earned his Master’s degree (MSc) in Ophthalmology from Cairo university in 1983.

He then successfully earned probably the most challenging degree of his time, the PhD in Ophthalmology in 1986, while supporting his young wife in her battle against her serious illness.

His wife passed away in 1988

It was the rise of the revolutionary Phacoemulsification and Small Incision Cataract Surgery was the state of the art. Diligent as he is, Dr Riad traveled to Germany for observership and training.

With the vision of pioneering the art of Ophthalmology in Egypt, he overcame the challenges posed by the relative high cost of the machines and instruments, Dr Riad managed to perfect his technique and teach his juniors.

Dr Riad had gained his full-time appointment in Al Mataryia Teaching hospital at that time. He continued to create winds of change in that underprivileged hospital in a Cairo slum. This is a general hospital and the ophthalmology department was one of many. He commendably refurbished the department under financial constraints.  

But the sky was truly his limit. Dr Riad’s biggest ambition was to establish an up to the minute specialty hospital. He saw it as a market necessity and an oasis for both doctors and patients. The endeavor was probably overwhelming to him as well as his co-founders, Professors Fathy Fawzy and Abdallah Hassouna

In 2001, Al Watany Eye hospital began its operation as a relatively small 2 storey part of a building in a busy Cairo street.

Dr Riad started numerous scientific activities in the hospital , insisted on the strict subspecialty practice – an idea that was novel to the Egyptian market- and initiated the first residency in a private institution in Egypt. He was the driving force behind starting the ARVO-Egypt International Chapter Affiliate. He chaired our youngster chapter for 3 years.

The place was quickly becoming too tight for the flooding of patients from all over Egypt. Our catchment area extended way beyond Cairo to reach Upper Egypt and Delta.

He built the biggest stand-alone Ophthalmology hospital in Egypt in a time of political and socioeconomic unrest. Standing on the outskirts of Cairo and at the joint route between the city and its newest suburbs, our new premises boasts 10 operation theatres, state of the art femtosecond laser machines, 16 fully equipped examination rooms, full ophthalmological investigations,

He had the chance to test drive his new project but didn’t see it work full power

Dr Riad left our world calmly on a Friday morning. He was on his was to his sanctuary, the operation theatre.

Dr Riad’s legacy has inspired most of you present today in this room while leaving his mark on our careers. But his real talent has always been his personal approach. The way he chose to talk to each one of Al Watany Eye Hospital family as an individual and to address their issues privately, wisely and most importantly tirelessly .

We continue to carry his passion for diligence, excellence, distinction, and eminence.

We learn to make time for our loved ones and to spare no attempt to go with them, and for them, the extra mile.

We pray we made him proud and promise to strive for greatness.


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